About Us

About Us

Xeno foam, upholstery, and comfort products, is a family business and the passion for design and home décor led us to start this business. Designing and creating a comfortable and stylish living space inspired us to start a business that allows us to pursue our passion and share our ideas with others. We are also motivated to find solutions to uncomfortable furniture or inadequate support to provide comfortable products to address these issues.

Our missions and values focus:

  • To provide high-quality, comfortable, and durable products that improve the lives of customers
  • To offer a wide range of foam, upholstery, and comfort products to meet the diverse needs of customers
  • To continually innovate and improve upon existing products to stay ahead of market trends
  • To provide exceptional customer service and support to ensure customer satisfaction
  • To operate in an ethical and sustainable manner, minimizing negative impacts on the environment and communities where the business operates

Xeno is a diverse category of products that are designed to improve the comfort and functionality of a variety of spaces and applications. Our services and products are included but are not limited to:

  • Re/upholstery: Residential and commercial reupholstery; Marine Reupholstery and comfort products; Rvs and campervan custom cushions, Bars and restaurant cushions, and booth Re/Upholstery.
  • Quality products and materials: Variety of Fabrics and Foams, and other comfort-enhancing products such as memory foam pillows, mattresses, mattress toppers, memory foams, V-berth Mattress, RV mattresses, seat foam cushions, pads, mediation cushions, folding foam beds, bean bags, and fillers.

Our commitment:

  • We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support, and we strive to continually innovate and improve upon our products to stay ahead of market trends. We believe that our products have the power to transform spaces and improve the lives of our customers, and we are dedicated to delivering the best products and services possible.