Bean Bags

Transform your living room area to a comfortable place with Xeno Bean Bags products. The whole journey of supplying material and manufacturing of Xeno Bean Bags products processes right in Vancouver, Canada. Our Bean bags are available in 3 main sizes: Kids, Adults, and Couples. Xeno Bean bags are in two types of Indoor and Outdoor.

Indoor bean bags come with two types of covers. 100% cotton cover in 11 different colours and 100% polyester in 4 different colours. Outdoor Bean Bags come with water resistance and anti-bacterial fabric or Vinyl covers in different colours. There are many other design and quality of fabrics that you can check on line or in our location.

Filler of Bean Bags are the high-quality filler, called Styro Beads Regrind that comes Expanded Polystyrene. Beads Rigid filler preserves its form for long period of time, and it is resistant to moisture and heat with anti- bacterial characteristics.

Why Xeno Bean Bags?

  • Separate lining cover from the actual cover for Indoor Bean Bags. The beads fill inside. the lining cover and strong and double stiches zipper. With having lining, you can easily remove the actual cover for machine wash.
  • Water resistance and antibacterial cover for outdoor bean bags.
  • All stiches go with two inside double stiches or one topstitches for reinforcing Bean Bags.
  • Double stiches zipper sides.
  • Strong handle to carry.
  • 40 days warranty of free services and repair if Bean Bags fabric and stiches burst.
  • Variety of chose. Colour, design and fabric.