Camping Seat Cushion

Camping Seat Cushion
  1. Lumbar support cushion

Fill material: High Quality Foam

Dimensions: Length: 13 Inches; Width: 14 Inches

Xeno Lumbar foam cushion is made of high quality and density foam to effectively support your lower back as the shape designed to cut for you. Lumbar vertebrae are the most essential part of the body that any neglection to protect it the result of back pain. Xeno lumbar support cushion helps you to improve a good posture and align the back by filling the space between the seat and lumbar spine. Xeno lumbar support cushion enhances the quality of lifestyle by stopping or developing any damage to your lower back. This cushion is made of Canadian foam which owns a good reputation because of health and environment safety measures. Therefore, this is not molded, but this is a pure foam which is cut in custom shape by Xeno Fashion in Canada. This product is covered by Duramax fabric which is durable and breathable (you can see the material to have more information about Duramax Fabric). This product helps you to promote your upright seating position by removing the gap between your lower back and seat. The lumbar cushion is the best solution to encourage proper alignment and help to eliminate the pain from your lower back muscles.
In contrast to the molded foam, soft and floppy lumbar back products, the firmness of Xeno Lumbar support back enormously promote your back posture and effectively help your lower back stay upright. This is a great product to use in office, car, travel, home and anywhere you would like to carry. Our reputation stands on our quality work. We assure you that you will love both fabric cover and the foam inside. Zipper cover is removable and washable by any method. It is a perfect product for home, office, and travel.

Key Features:

• Length: 13″ /width: 14″ /Depth:3.5″ /edge high: 4.5″
• Back pain relief- the mid and lower back pain by supporting your lumbar back. The edge curve and custom shape promote the spinal alignment and develop a healthy posture; It is ideal for the long drive, and long-time seating, and surgery recovery.

• High-Quality Foam produces with compression of 28-34 and density of 2.2LB; foam cute and designed in custom shape to support the lower back and lumbar spinal mussels with medium firmness, the foam is breathable and allow air circulation in foam cells to prevent of any smell.

• Breathable, removable and washable Duramax fabric cover is a unique feature of this product that provides air circulation to prevent any moisture.

• Duramax Fabric is perfect fit cushion and pillow covers with high demand in the market because of its durability, it Passes 250,000 Double Rubs (equivalent to a person wearing blue jeans sitting up and down 250,000 times before any noticeable wear occurs on the material) Naturally resists Stains and Dirt, Mildew resistant, non-allergenic, Static Resistant. Easy Maintenance – Soap and Water for most stains- commercial cleaning agents for oil based or stubborn stains- Meets the following Flammability Codes: Passes NFPa 260 cigarette Ignition test, Ufac-Class 1, And California Technical Bulletin 117 Section E(CS 191-53 Passes).

• 15 DYES TIME TO LOVE OR RETURN- 100% customers satisfaction is guaranteed. Try it now.

• Foam, Fabric and manufacturing, all process in Canada