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The memory foam mattress is increasingly replacing the spring mattress because of its durability, low price, and hypoallergenic features. Xeno foam mattress with memory foam on top distributes the body weight evenly, and the pressure points are significantly reduced. Our foam mattress drastically reduced the tossing and turning that caused the poor sleep. The foam mattress is no motion transfer. It means that it does not transfer the movement and noise which usually comes from spring mattresses. There is zero or less maintenance in foam mattresses than spring mattresses, which need to be rotated once every three months.

Our goal is to provide customers with the best comfort of their choice. You can find the high-quality foam mattresses and memory foam toppers in Xeno manufactured right in beautiful British Columbia. We consider both health and the environment because of our environmentally friendly materials. Our mattress covers are made of 100% Organic cotton or Bamboo fabrics.

We also offer two sides of customized foam mattresses according to the customer’s preferences.

To save your money and have various comfort choices, we categorized our mattress foam into three main concepts of Standard Foam Mattress, Promo Mattresses, and Customized Promo Mattress. Unlike spring mattresses that have spring on the bottom and base layer on the top, foam mattresses in Xeno are entirely made from foam; the base foam is firm or medium-firm, increasing the durability flexibility, and the top is memory foam.

Affordable pricing:

Xeno mattresses are low price with the best product possible. Our materials such as foam, fabric, and thread are manufactured locally in Canada.
Replaceable, machine washable, and reusable cover:
Three sides zipper mattress cover allows you to take the cover mattress off easily and wash it in the machine.

From Factory to your home:

Xeno can custom cut any size mattress for your specific needs with sewing a zippered Organic Cotton cover. These custom orders take about a week to make for youThere is no third party to sell our mattress, which increases the price for customers. We develop and distribute our foam mattress products directly from our manufacturer in Vancouver. We provide our customers with first-hand advice to ensure quality products and on-time delivery.

Xeno Standard high-quality conventional foam mattress provides you with the right level of support and comfort to relieve the pressure points for a great sleep. Xeno standard foam mattress is available in soft, medium or firm that gives you years of comfort with an affordable price.

This mattress engineering is similar to a standard foam mattress with a difference on one more layer of the topper. The first layer is high-density foam as a base. The second is Pressure Distributor Layer Memory Foam, which spreads out the whole body’s pressure, and reduces spinal distortion. The top comfort layer is Esco Elastic Memory Foam.

If you are a couple, and the choice of bed is different, do not worry; we have the easy solution for you. We customize the side of your sleep with varying types of foam firmness and memory foam.