Standard Foam Mattresses

Foam Mattresses

Our goal is to provide customers with the best comfort of their choice. You can find the high-quality foam mattresses and memory foam toppers in Xeno which is manufacture right in beautiful British Columbia. We seriously consider both health and environment; therefore, our product are environmentally friendly. Our mattress covers are made of 100% Organic cotton or Bamboo fabrics. We can make customize cover according to costumer’s choice as well.

In order to save your money and have variety of comfort choice, we categorized our mattress foam in two main concept of Standard foam Mattress, Promo Mattresses, and Customized Promo Mattress. Unlike many mattresses in North America which is combined of spring on bottom and base layer on the top, foam mattress in Xeno it can be all made of foam. our experts can guide you step by step through whole process.

  1. Standard foam mattress:

This mattress made of high-density base foam in different grade of firmness and with a 2 inches of comfort layer which is of soft memory foam. It comes in different sizes with different covers of 100% organic cotton, regular cotton and cotton/polyester fabrics.  This type of mattresses

we can give make you the mattress with a separate base layer and Top Comfort Layer memory foam or combined of both according to your choice.


2. Promo Foam Mattress:

The engineering of this mattress is similar to standard foam mattress with a difference on more layer of toppers. First is high density foam as a base layer, second layer is Comfort Layer Memory Foam which is spread out the pressure through whole body and reduce spinal distortion

     3. Side Customized Promo Foam Mattress:

If you are a couple, and the choice of bed is different, do not worry; we have the easy solution for you. We customize the side of your sleep with he different type of foam’s firmness and memory foams.