High-Density foam comes in all firmnesses, from very soft to extra firm. Some customers think that the High Density refers to the foam’s firmness; however, density is not related to the firmness. It is created to distinguish it from the original polyurethane foam.
High-Density foam is commonly used in furniture. It will return to shape after compression, offering the right balance between its softness and support. Its higher density than Polyurethane will give it better comfort in mattresses and furniture.

High Resilience is an excellent quality foam for furniture and mattresses and is available in most firms. It is very resilient with increased responsiveness. This means that it is fast to return to the shape when pressure is applied and released, making it suitable for any application. This is ideal for those that want more bounce in their cushions. With an open-cell structure, High Resilience foam is very springy but still offers sturdy support. High Resilience foam lasts a very long time before it begins to get softer over the years.

It is our most affordable foam and is widely used occasionally and seasonally with extra support, durability, and comfort. This is ideal for using occasional sitting and sleeping solutions. This is available in medium and firm.

Xeno offers Dry Fast Foam, which is ideal for outdoor cushion and other projects in wet conditions. It is non-water absorbent with 100% weatherproof outdoor foam. This type of foam is mold-free, anti-moisture, and very fast to dry. The open cell structure will allow airflow and allow the foam to dry quickly.

Memory foam, known as Viscoelastic foam, is widely used for mattress foam toppers, mattress, and therapeutics. It is an excellent comfort and pressure relief characteristic. It provides weight distribution and maximum comfort in your sleep. This is an ideal mattress or toppers to reduce back pain, joint pain, and arthritis. It is usually used for mattress toppers between 2 and 4 inches thick, which allows it to conform to the body shape without sinking into the mattress.

100% natural latex foam is healthy, sustainable, and comfortable made from rubber tree sap. The Rubber gives the foam a natural bouncy feel. Natural latex provides the perfect combination of support and pressure relief to experience a comfortable rest. Latex foam is a high-quality foam that feels softer and bouncer than other foam.

Rebonded foam is a super-dense and highly resilient material that handles high impact usage. Rebound square block foam is created by bonded and compressed shredded foam. 

Charcoal foam is ideal for packaging and shipping items because of its lightweight features. Charcoal foam is the right choice for soundproofing, sound dampening.

Convoluted or Egg Crate Foam is widely used as a mattress topper, soundproofing, and fragile equipment packaging. Convoluted Foam allows the body to breathe with full contact to the surface of the entire mattress. It will enable airflow and create a small gap between the body and the bed.